26th of April 2012


Maybe it’s because I’m just observant in this respect. Or because I grew up in an estrogen jungle. Or because I love analyzing minds and personalities.

I can read chicks like books. 

Not all, but most. Maybe “read” is too low; girls are obviously complicated as hell, but after two minutes of conversation I’ve unconsciously psycho-analyzed most girls  from their biggest probable fears, which in turn fuel their insecurities, which for almost all human beings, but moreso with females, will fuel that crazypsychobitch that every girl has leashed under her long hair, beating lashes, and sweet smile. 

No, I’m not a judgmental, first-impression based girl. These things interest me and is what I can’t help giving heed to. I almost never remember peoples’ names, faces, and other obvious items, but always remember those small but  cues- the slight spark in your eye at that comment, the ability (or lack of) to cover uneasiness- that mean a thousand words.

The biggest thing I can never forget is a performance. Performances are the most dangerous. The more gorgeously perfect her smile is, the more reason to fear her. 

Fake is the stench of rot dripping in perfume. Maybe I am more sensitive of it because it makes me sick beyond reason. Nevertheless, males seem to be completely unable to detect reeking fake.

To be honest, it’s rare a girl is ever “that sweet.” Sadly, the more perfectly sweet they are the more danger should blare. That perfect smile, reaction; sweetest voice, hair flip; something is staging it. That something is probably one of most powerfully terrifying parts of her you will never want to know.

It’s called insecurity. Which is why females are such a hard case to handle. Perhaps the greatest factor of the crazy lioness in all of us are our fears, which we want more than anything to be comforted. The irony is that the more fear we have, the more we bottle it up and act absolutely fearless.

Each girl handles fear differently. Therefore, personality is formed. Perhaps my description is not accurate for all girls. I am also not saying that fear is the sole creator of a girl’s character. I am saying it is an extremely important factor. 

And it’s only the tiniest cues that tell it all.

9th of March 2012


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8th of March 2012
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